Work from home jobs for students

Are you a student…? and looking for a part-time job which you can do along with your studies and make you get some money…? Then you are at the right place. Here we are with the topmost part-time jobs that are offered to students from national and multinational companies all across India. Here we inform you about the vacancies, the latest news, and all the updates that you need for choosing the best job that suits you.

Here are some of the top jobs that you can do as a student without compromising your studies.

Content writer

If your hobby is writing and you are good at any language then you should make your carrier in the field of content writer. If writing is something you find fulfilling, you should consider taking this job. The job requires fluency in English, strong writing, and research skills. Also, you may need to be well versed in Ms-Word and Excel. You will have to complete the task before the deadline and you can work on the task in your free time, hence the job provides flexible working hours.

Average income- up to ₹40,000/- per month.

Data entry agent

A data entry agent is required in every company for the updation of the work in the company’s server. This job does not require any specific skill.  If you have basic typing and communication skills along with a high school degree in English, you can easily qualify for this job. You will be required to maintain the company’s data up to date and make sure that it is easily accessible to everyone.

Average income- up to ₹30,000/- per month

Online tutor

If you are filled with a tank of knowledge, great communication, and organizational skills then this might call you. Not only will you impart knowledge to your students, but this would also help you in learning something new. All you would require is a computer and a good internet connection. You can schedule classes according to your comfort.

Average income- ₹50,000/- per month

Don’t waste much time… apply online for these jobs just from your phone and earn money right from your home. For demo work about these jobs, you can leave your details in the comment section given below… we will contact you as soon as possible.

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