work from home jobs sending text messages

Text messaging job is one of the easiest work where we have to send the text with the help of our smartphone to different mobile number. Basic part time jobs so those candidates who are looking for part time work and apply it. Not we do not provide full time or and best job so those who are looking for full time job kindly visit Naukari or Monster job portal website. In this website we have jobs for candidates who have taken registration with the help of our job portal.

How to apply part time job?
Reply part time job no need to get registration with the help of registration form. After getting enrolled you will get a call from HR department and they will explain you about the work and the the pay scale. Once you start working you have to complete your work on time and deliver it in PDF or excel file whatever the company will tell you to send.

You have to maintain all the records which you have done.

Maintain proper phone number name.

You can send daily or weekly report according to the time which has been mentioned.

There will be on Saturday and Sunday so you can do your work per day.

The minimum award to work will be 4 to 5.

Most of the time with thing that in part time job we can earn a lot but this is not the fact you can’t make a huge amount of money while doing part time work there is a limited earning so if you are thinking that you can do lots of earning with the help of part time jobs it’s not possible. The maximum earning per month you can an earn is rs fifteen thousand Rupees. The employee who are working with us as a part time average income are rupees 4000 to rupees 10000. So if you are satisfied with the salary then only join.

Applied text message job

Reply text message job first of all you visit our website and then click to registration form there you have to submit your details and then go for next step.

Is this free or premium?
There is no free service in the world so those candidate who are looking for a free service kindly do not visit our website and other call us. Only needy person can contact us for more information about job.

Text message job is also known as SMS sending job

Both the word has same meaning so please do not confuse if someone is searching about SMS sending job it means that person is searching for text message job.

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