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English Proofreader jobs

English Proofreader jobs Proofreading is when you carefully check a document for errors such as basic grammar, style, and consistency before it is published or submitted for publication. Proofreading focuses specifically on “minor” errors and consistency rather than major errors or content suggestions. Items that a proofreader should review include proper spelling, capitalization, spacing between […]

Ebook Writer jobs

Ebook Writer jobs One of the newest ways to find an audience is by being an ebook-only author. … Basically authors begin writing their ebook the same way as they would a print book; they prepare their manuscript by writing it in a word document and then turn it into a pdf. This makes it […]

Editor jobs

Editor jobs The role of an editor is to ensure that the written material has a consistent style and tone. They take decisions regarding the topics that will appeal to the readers and oversee the work right from the ideation of stories until the final output. Types of jobs role of an editor Commissioning Editors […]