When To Change a Job?

We all have bad days at work, but if you are constantly at work is bad, then you have time to think about change. Here are the signs that indicate that you need to move on:

1) You do not want to go to work. You get up in the morning and feel a strong reluctance to leave the house. Sometimes you say unto the sick, not to go to work and stay at home. If you have breakfast in a cafe just before you go to work, then you will not feel out of the cafe, and I want to sit in a more pleasant environment.

2) you have been shaken. Coming to work, you drink tea / coffee, chat with girl-secretary (option: with other colleagues), check your personal mail, wander through news and other sites on the Internet. You do anything, but would not carry out their immediate work.

3) You take time off from work. If you are a smoker, you will often go for a smoke (sometimes, however, smoke breaks may be useful for an informal exchange of information with others.) You for a few minutes before the lunch break for lunch and go to linger on it later put. If by the nature of your work, you’ll have somewhere to go during the day, you are very happy to hit the road out of the office and will do our best ever half an hour to spend on their personal goals, but not to get caught. You can always blame it on the tube or on the poor performance of public transport.

4) You consistently leave the office 15 minutes early (option: 20-30 minutes). “Anyway, no one is working and no one would notice,” – you say to yourself. If the authorities go somewhere (for a few hours or days), you wander around the office with nothing to do (or, alternatively chat with colleagues or to chase tea with colleagues sitting in the Internet, and perhaps just unwind from work).

5) You are constantly depressed and feel stress. All the methods described above sabotaging their work, in general, serve to de-stress and relax. Another thing that we must not reduce stress, as most people do, but to solve the problem you are facing. But it is a different story.

6) You are unhappy. You do not feel joy and delight. The world is full of unhappy people, but why should you be one of them? How much should you make before going to start looking for a new job? Do not misunderstand, I’m not telling you to go nowhere. You always have to consider your financial situation, the interests of your family, etc. However, we must pay part of your time trying to start looking for a new job.

7) You have no prospects for this work. It does not involve growth and development. So you and boring. Talk to your boss, but if you, regardless of your efforts and results, you provide only your present location, then get ready to leave. You have to grow up and look for something that will make you happy.

It is clear that your path will not always be rosy. There are times in life when you have to bite the bullet and work at a very hard work, with the most disgusting superiors and / or colleagues, but this can not last forever. It is important to know when to leave.

As they say, you have to be happy when you leave the office in the evening after work, and happy in the morning when you come to work.

If laziness and lack of self-confidence stop you leave the job you hate, you develop your motivation. How would you feel if you were doing in a pleasant atmosphere, with friendly colleagues, if doing something that you love? Change your life! Do not give up on your dreams!

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Why make recommendations to the employees?

Let the work she is looking for you! Create your own informal but effective feature which is beneficial but unobtrusively set off your professionalism. How?

Form a professional image

Do not be afraid to give his staff recommendations – they are characterized not only by them, as experts, but you, as a manager. For example, if you praise someone, describe the quality of the employee constructively and to the point to read the recommendation was clear: it was written by an experienced and wise leader. He was able to discern and apply the qualities of a former slave, of which it is immediately clear who you take to work. This means that the people he knows and is able to organize a team.

Well, if a review of the not very successful colleague? Too, write, and too wise and constructive. Share your knowledge of what each is talented, but something else. Describe the positive aspects of the employee, omitting negative characteristics. If you do not mention the trait does not tell me, for example, that Ivanov is more suitable flexible than strictly specified instead of the epithet “not serious”.

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