The Teaching way!! jobs

The world has changed a lot after the covid pandemic , every single industry has adapted the new method to operate in the new changed world , and face of every industry have changed drastically , every single industry from film industry to the big cooperate world have had the hit of pandemic but then they were quick to adapt to the new change

One such industry that have emerged in the recent times is the Ed -tech industry , So if you have any skill to showcase or teach you can teach the students and earn a good amount of money and also revise and sharpen your saw of skills , well its very comfortable jobs , you get the luxury to work from your home, and also teach students who can later hold some good post at a good company

so what can one teach online, well anything from teaching school students basic math and science to teaching students coding and graphic designing , and what not!!

if some one is interested in some skills  and you happen to know about it then well you can teach it ,

you might be thinking what platform to use to teach the students ,well there are several options and video meeting options

for instance Google meet is a widely use platform to conduct classroom programs on wide scale , Zoom is also a great resource than can be used  , you just need to share the link of the meeting and then students can join your class and learn from you 😊 The platform also provide several features that can come handy for you to teach for instance screen sharing is a good tool that allows you too share any presentation ,

teaching coding has been on boom in recent times , if you know any language like python or JavaScript or any other popular language then you can teach that language and earn a good amount of money also it doesn’t need any extra effort and or you don’t have a deadline on your head.

So get you skills geared up and swim in the ed – tech industry and know the industry from close.

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