The First Day At a New Job

The first time we find ourselves in a strange new team, then of course worry about the impression we make on our new colleagues. However, do not worry too much and try too hard to please everyone – it can have the opposite effect. Best to behave naturally, polite and friendly. If suddenly your new boss for some reason forgot to introduce you to the team, it does not matter. you really have here do not know anything. Moreover, the person will be happy that you need his help, and perhaps later you will have friendly relations. Here are some useful tips that will help you quickly get used to the new workplace.

Catch the rhythm of work

You need to fit into the existing team working in rhythm. Do not immediately show his martial ardor and “spread oneself” in order to prove their competence and professionalism. But do not mess around too. Try to find a middle ground and quietly enter into the general with all the rhythm.

Do not judge at first glance

Since you are a new person in a group, you should not all jump to conclusions. Be cautious in their judgments and statements. It is possible that whoever you are so welcoming smiles and asks a lot of questions will be the most important windbag and gossip. Look closely to people and do not forget – your colleagues are also eyeing to you.

My tongue – my enemy

Remember this wisdom and refrain from harsh statements about their experiences or relationships on a question. Perhaps what ultimately your restraint will be rewarded, and you will know what to avoid very serious embarrassment or confusion.

Do not rush things

It is not necessary to arrange a holiday and immediately treat their colleagues to honor his decision to work. Wait until payday. And also check in advance, possibly in this group did not mark the storm passed or not supported by management.

Get used to the new order

Of course, at the last job you had everything comfortable and familiar. But that’s because you just got used to it long ago. If the first day you feel a little discomfort – do not worry, in a couple of days you get used to it and feel good about yourself again. Important not to work too hard and does not go into nostalgic memories of past work.

Follow the style of dress

Your appearance should match your workplace. If your work is supposed to wear a special form, it certainly does not leave you a choice. But if you choose your clothes and anything is not limited to, be sure to follow the appropriate style of your post.

Choose a profession


What makes you think that? What gives you energy? What do you want often? What would you like to do all my life? Why do not you get tired?

When answering this question you, you will be able to define their ideal profession, type of activity, career.

Usually, we are influenced by stereotypes and fashion for certain specialties at certain times. So, he entered the fashion department in the hopes and plans to become a sought-after graduating from university, as a result, often turns out that the person is either lost as the opportunity to not meet his expectations, or it starts to work on the field, but comes up with a scratch overcome obstacles and losing health. As a result, lives like everyone else, average, variable hurry. Though it is the norm, but this is not a normal and healthy. Every ambitious man, – and on all the ambitious youth, would something more than average success and everyday scenario.

Therefore it is very important from the very beginning of his career to understand and define its priorities, interests, understanding of things. Importance even then, what are your values. For each type of activity are characterized by their character traits and morale.

Of course, we can try and match the selected pattern. That’s just it worth it? Do I need to break themselves, adjusting to the canon? And is not it better to create own canons?

Select himself. Yes, that’s you. Let your profession be you. Make yourself project. And he came to the project with special care and diligence. Be yourself for the best top manager, accountant, psychologist, an investor. Make of yourself candy. Well, with what taste is sweet, which will wrap on it, what toppings, what kind of … It’s not important. It is important that a candy brand. Make yourself a brand.

Work on them, having worked with him and his inner world, choose a hobby. And go to the next step, make yourself the best in this hobby. And the third step hobby itself will do for you, but it will result in success, and profit.

Fatigue, exhaustion, aggression to work and talk in such a case can not be. You are just doing a labor of love, and it loves you. All very simple. The only difficulty, to depart from accepted standards and well-known routes. Need to get out of the usual range of world society and turn to him. See themselves and their identity. Create your way. And do not rush. Do not think about the possibility of realization. Let this be not your concern. You’ll see, will not have to wait long.

Each has its own way. And it is unique, exactly like everyone. Going my way, you will not meet the competition: they just not there. Come along as all run into the same crowd hungry for success and pushing each other with their elbows. Let go of it all. Take a look inside. And your ability to turn around to face you.

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