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START DATE : Immediately
DURATION : 3 Months
STIPEND : 10,000 /month
Internship : 50 applicants

Social bookmarking is a technique of organising, editing, managing and searching online resources for a user. The Social bookmarking technique was launched in 1996 with the
data-entry-workdevelopment of It was in 1996, the concept of social bookmarking came in to the market for building useful links and bringing more traffic to the site.

Internship jobs of social media promotion

In Social Bookmarking the links are listed on a network and when the user accesses that
network, he can also search for the keywords associated with the link. Every link comprise of three keywords associated with it. When these keywords are searched by the user, the link comes up as a search result.

The links that are added to a social bookmarking network are first tagged to a bookmarking site. The keywords are tagged with social bookmark and a description of the website is also added with it.

How social bookmarking helps?
Social bookmarking is done to increase the business and business-social bookmarking run hand in hand with each other. Social bookmarking has excellent marketing techniques and this is the main reason its popularity. The marketing techniques of Social marketing are illustrated in the following ways. Social Bookmarks

  • Generate regular and useful incoming links
  • Brings visitors to the site
  • Brings customers and clients by increasing visitors list
  • Promotes business
  • Helps customers to find the business
  • Links a business to other businesses
  • Increases the website traffic significantly

What are social bookmarking web sites?
Many sites define and promote social bookmarking these days. These sites are also known as social bookmarking websites. These sites make sure your links are top listed when searched by the user. Most of these sites are not free and you need to pay to search through them. These sites registers 2,50,000 to 250,000,000 new visitors per month.

The list of top Social Bookmarking sites of 2013 includes:


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1 month ago

My internship with “homejob” has been a great blessing to have. Total income which i earn from here is ₹ 85,800 in 5 months. Students who are looking for online internship can join this job.

sanjay singh
1 month ago

I am pursuing Bsc IT and i have knowledge of Social media optimization can i join internship. I was looking for paid industrial training online. kindly considered my resume for the post of digital media promotion.

1 month ago

I am alim and i thanks homejob team for providing me digital marketing job form home. I have done BBA and i was looking for job which can be done from home.

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