sms sending jobs in belgaum

Belgaum is an industrial hub and have many souces in this industrial area. Sum of the join company with a famous in belgaum are Polyhydron, Doodh Ganga, Indal Aluminium Company Limited – INDAL , Heera Sugar Factory, Shree Bhagyalaxmi Sugar Factory etc. Not this there are lots of small scale industries medium sized industries industries are available in this location.

Small scale industries for home scale industries are looking for SMS WhatsApp or mobile message worker in their location.

How to become SMS worker

To become SMS imply you must have Smartphone and you must I am contact details in belgaum. You have to choose the package and then apply with the help of registration form after applying you will get a notification about the job.

Position: sms freelance Executive

Location: belgaum

Job Description:

The employee must be able to handle the listing of different types of message and product and services about the company.

Must be capable of collective different types of contactors and can co-ordinate with member and can communicate.

Product leads management and visheshan about the price.

Attend monthly meeting about the product and suggest which they have to send to message.

Use message to advice services and products of different types of package.

Airtel SMS sending job:
Users who are using Airtel India mobile can use Airtel message pack or they can use transactional and promotional message pack for sending the message.

Jio SMS sending job:
The employee who have jio sim can use jio message pack or they have option to buy transactional or promotional message pack from the company who are providing message services.

What is SMS?

SMS short messaging service to which we can communicate by sending text message with the help of their phone internet and mobile device. It is based on the communication protocol which handle all the query between two devices for exchanging short text message.

What is sms sending job?

SMS sending job is a process through which we can send text message to defect mobile device with the help of internet or telephone communication device. It includes simple text message for rich text message we have to use chat application. SMS sending job that we provide detail about the services and product detail through which they can separate their information to different mobile.

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