SMS Sending Jobs

In common, SMS is labelled as Short Messaging Service and is a popularly used kind of a text message. Through an SMS, one can send a note of up to 160 characters to any other device. In an SMS Sending Job 160 characters of letters, numbers and symbols can be easily used. As of now, SMS Sending Jobs are huge in numbers and are generally used as a work criterion wherein you can send the Text to various contact numbers provided. Not only that, this SMS Sending Job can be done by anyone from anywhere from the comfort of your home. Now a days, Mobile SMS Jobs are highly targeted as part-time jobs and can be undoubtedly ended up in earning a huge income of Rs 10,000 to 15,000 per month.

On the other hand, SMS Jobs are one of the most opted simple and easy jobs by many across the world. This job never needs any special technical knowledge or higher graded educational qualification. Instead this SMS Job can be done by any person who very well knows to use a simple mobile and send an SMS without any difficulty. Basically, SMS Sending Job is considered to be a Marketing Based job. With this job, you just need to send an SMS of certain Texts related to advertisements such as Business, Job Offers, Products and so on.

1 Year
₹6 Per SMS
100 Per Day SMS Sending Limit
₹ 18000 /-Monthly Fix Salary
1 Year Validity
One Time Investment
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No Target in SMS Jobs
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Moreover, SMS Sending Jobs are taken as part-time options and can be easily operated by a Student, house-wife or a jobless person as well. SMS Sending Jobs can be even comfortably done from the comfort of your home without any worries and attain a monthly income of Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000 without any difficulty. Thus, if you want to gain an additional income by working from home, then do go in for this most familiar Home Jobs and obtain the complete satisfaction of earning extra income to the fullest.

Basic Features of Mobile SMS Sending Jobs:-

  1. SMS Sending Jobs never requires any Computer or a Laptop to work, instead a simple mobile is more than enough
  2.  This job never requires any GPRS or a Wi-Fi access at your home or your mobile
  3. Through this SMS Sending Jobs you can earn additional income by sitting at home by just sending a text.
  4. No need of additional paper works needed for this job
  5. Total Count of SMS to be sent per day is 100
  6.  Every SMS sent costs up to Rs 7, wherein you can earn Rs 1400 per day by sending 200 SMS everyday
  7. This SMS Sending Job can be done even by using WhatsApp and Hike as well
  8. This is one of the Simplest, Smarter and Secured jobs

Joining Procedure:- Lastly, if you want to join this SMS Jobs and obtain an additional income, then do Fill -up and Submit the application form at the earliest and be a part of trustworthy SMS Sending Jobs without any delay.


How To Work And Earn –

Hello friends, This is SMS Sending Work that you have to type SMS by Phone and send it to our given Mobile Numbers.

? Per Day Send SMS – 200

?You Will Get – 7Rs Per SMS

?Your Per Day Earning – 1400Rs

? Your Weekly Earning – 9800Rs

We Will Send Weekly Payment Every Monday On Your Bank Account

Payment Proofs SMS Sending Jobs – Click Here To Find Payment Proofs

®️Registration free – 0 (COVID – 19 ISSUE the work of SMS Job is closed for some time, you can join the email sending job.)


SMS Job Benefits – 

1. You can do this from your mobile without internet.

2. You do not have to go to any office, you can do this work by sitting in your house.

3. There is no need for any kind of experience to do this work.

4. Anyone can do the work of SMS Sending. Students, Housewife’s, Govt. Employees Etc.

5. You have to work only 2 hours a day from your phone and you will get a weekly payment.


Frequently Asked Questions –

(1 Que.) What is a SMS job and how to do it ?

Ans. – This is a mobile SMS Job which is the work of sending sms from mobile.

(2 Que.) – How can we earn money from SMS job?

Ans. –  To earn money from SMS job, you have to do the work of sending SMS from your mobile.

(3 Que.) – How much would you send sms daily, and how much money can we earn by sending 200 sms per day?

Ans. – You have to send 200 sms daily, so that according to 7rs per sms, your daily earning is 1400rs.

(4 Que.) – Will we get payment weekly or monthly and how much payment ?

Ans. – You will get Payment Weekly, if you send 200 SMS daily, then you will get 9800rs of Weekly according to 1400rs per day.

(5 Que.) – How can we take payment ?

Ans. – We will pay you weekly in your direct or bank account.

(6 Que.) – How can we join this job ?

Ans. – To join this job, go to the register page and register.

(6 Que.) – How can we trust this job because there is a lot of fraud company in the market ?

Ans. –  HomeJob site is a highly trusted site in which you get a Genuine Job from other website And here if you have any problem in doing the job, then we also give you 30% of your amount.