Scientists from Google, Facebook and Microsoft said: AI will not make you unemployed!

AI is now advancing rapidly. Although it has made our lives more and more convenient, there are also many people who worry that AI will replace human labor in the future and make humans unemployed. However, in recent days, the three giants of the technology industry, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, have all voiced that AI will only better assist humans, not replace them.

Representatives of the three giants in the technology industry recently discussed the topic of artificial intelligence in a question and answer on “Ask me anything” on Reddit. While the three are optimistic about the development of AI, they also said that although AI is currently creating a new “variety” of labor, they do not believe that AI will completely replace humans.

The following are questions and related responses from a high school teacher on Reddit:
Q: Which types of jobs are likely to be replaced by AI in the future?

A: Eric Horvitz, a representative of Microsoft, said that the phenomenon he saw was that most tasks and tasks were accomplished through the use of AI as assistance, and were not completely replaced by AI. These tasks include artistic and scientific exploration. At the same time, some types of jobs that currently rely on humans, such as teaching, medical care, nursing, and social work, etc. However, I hope that this type of “Caring Economy” (Caring Economy) can be used more in the automation industry in the future.

All in all, in the long term in the future, we will see changes in various industries to varying degrees, but only a small number of industries will be completely replaced or disappeared. In a world where AI is becoming more and more prevalent, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you see such an optimistic view.

Source: Thenextweb

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