Professions Impact On Life – Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Choosing a profession, we want to match our character, unlocks abilities, not boring, not contradict the principles of life, etc. There is a set of tests designed to determine which profession is most suitable to a particular person. And it can work to put an imprint on the character?

Almost all of the properties of nature are laid at the genetic level, the majority of them can not be changed, even if the want to. However, a certain percentage of the features of the psyche is transformed throughout life. Contribute to this external circumstances, education and training, environment, location, etc.

After school, children sometimes yesterday’s unexpectedly changed, and teachers are surprised to learn that the restless and the bully became the head of a large firm, and a mediocre student has made a successful career in science. Although, if you look, most likely, the premises were, just not all of them noticed, because it is often in the extraordinary teachers to label a child, freed from which he finally finds himself. A good teacher can significantly affect the maturing of the soul. He is able to instill positive, healthy life-traits: curiosity, diligence, perseverance, and commitment. Real teacher understands: adults vary much less and only because of the very serious reasons, in unusual, even extreme situations, so it’s important to try to do our best for the development of positive qualities in school.

Most of our priorities in life are quite stable, but still under the circumstances we sometimes form new quality. For example, people change jobs, notice that little change themselves. In the service we perform almost half his life, and many things thanks to the work we are in the habit, but as a Latin proverb says, – “habit – second nature.” Thus, the qualities necessary for the business, and gradually appearing in the home.

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How do we choose a specialty? As a child, the most attractive look creative, public profession. Over time, the individual disciplines taught and allows a person to determine what he is closer, more interesting. Quite a few people confirmed that the chosen field of activity by the teacher, who was able to interest students, to instill in them a love for his subject. The choice is also influenced by the surrounding, especially parents. No wonder there is a dynasty, which tricks of the trade are passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, some are critical life circumstances, sometimes tragic, for example, the death of a loved one makes the child to devote himself to medicine. But no matter what influenced the choice is obviousDividing all the professions on several major groups, we can identify the key features of representatives of each of them and find out which of these properties help in life, and which, on the contrary, creates problems.

Negative Thoughts. How to Deal With Negative Thoughts and Emotions

How often do we stop to think about how much trouble we bring negative thoughts. What do they do with our minds, and how easier to get rid of them. Sometimes we are so drawn into the negative aspects of our lives that is not no good, for what would seem to be to continue our lives.

Ask yourself right now: “What am I thinking now?”. Not that there is bad that we have little time to engage in their favorite things. Or, perhaps, of debt, of which we are unhappy. Perhaps on how well all the other people …

In 90% of our thoughts coincide with what is written above.

At the same time, I want to ask: “What exactly do you give the negative thoughts and emotions? It except frustration, bad moods, sleep, health problems …?”.

Why so often we miss the moments of joy that bring us our children, friends and family? How quickly we forget our victory and success, and at the same time, how often do we think about the defeats.

Do you know what conclusion I have drawn from his observations of people? The funny thing is that we like this way of thinking. That’s the main thing! It gives us pleasure to feel like a victim of circumstances, and these thoughts add to our confidence in it. Try to pull a person from the state of pessimism, and you immediately get a fist in my ear. Because this condition is high. On it you can talk endlessly – crying, whining, kill your nerves …

And even more fun by the fact that the output of this state only instead of watching TV rather just go for a walk with your child, go to the gym or go on a picnic. But for this, it is necessary to gather the same week, then to stay home because of the rain. At home, though there is the opportunity to do fun things, but it is certainly not for us, we’re adults. At work, instead of something to advance in your career, look for a better job, to do it quickly and develop – we’ll talk about all the shortcomings of our current jobs. The list goes on.

But, suppose that there are those among you who wants to fix its position. Who agree to changes in their lives and going to enjoy life in all its manifestations.

For such merry I stashed a few tips.

The first of them is to concentrate on something positive that is already present in your life. Whether it’s a family, whether it be good or excellent job friends … All this gives us a reason for the occurrence of negative thoughts. This is a peculiar protection. Often remember their triumphs and successful business, less what brings you suffering.

The next thing that is important is that we have to constantly think about the future. Not that we will again have to pay a bunch of bills and receipts, and about what we wanted to see his life, and that is enough to do for this. Then, we will have no time to think of a failed life or unrequited love or something like that. Our goal – is our success in any business.

And last, but not less important, is the affirmation and afformatsii. These two strange concepts mean quite simple things.

Affirmations – positive statements (“I’m beautiful, I’m smart, I have successfully …”)

Afformatsii – positive issues that are created by adding the question “Why” (“Why I am so beautiful, why I’m so smart …”).

I can only add that afformatsii are strongest, as the brain begins to immediately seek an answer to them. But, if you use these two things at the same time, everything will be just fine!

Who needs it? That is the main question. And above all, he is the main for you. Do you need to change their mind or your thoughts are acceptable. Should I take something to improve their lives? This is a purely personal matter. You do not believe it, well it is also up to you.

In practice, these methods are reviewed and considered all cons. The main disadvantage is that the old way of life is difficult to return, and it is somehow no longer want. Or is it a plus? I do not know – to each his own!

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Ali Agha
Ali Agha
1 year ago

thanks for advice.

Tharun prasad
Tharun prasad
11 months ago

Thanks for your advice about professions. I was looking part time jobs which can be dome from home.