Online tuitions at Bokaro

About online tuition

Online tuition is a one-to-one teaching-learning process where a student and a teacher don’t need to be necessarily physically present. Online tuition uses live streaming videos and replaces chalk/marker. An online tutor is the main instructor who offers instructions to students using a distance-learning format.

Tips to attract students for online tuition

Ensure your teaching ad is updated weekly:

Teaching ads represent your ability as a teacher, therefore it is a representation of you. Therefore, it is important that you keep yourself active on the platform, constantly adding new details and removing the old details from your teaching ad.

Use social media:

Social media is an amazing platform to increase the visibility of your teaching ad. Use platforms such as Facebook to post about your new online teaching job, explain in more detail to your friends and colleagues, ask them to recommend you on the Superprof India platform.

Use LinkedIn:

Teaching is a noble profession, teaching on online platforms can be regarded as a way to show that you are using your free time constructively. You can add “Teacher at Superprof India” on your LinkedIn profile, it adds value to your resume as well.

Teaching Ad title:

Teaching Ad title is the most important aspect of your teaching ad. It is the first thing that shows up on a search query, some subjects have a lot of competition if your teaching ad title does not show the subject you are teaching, then you may not find any student clicking on your profile.

Benefits of Online tuition

Efficiency and flexibility. Arrangements for online tutorials are generally easier and more flexible as neither you nor your tutor has to travel.
Live interaction.
Access to resources.
Study from the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Online tuitions at Bokaro

In the time of the pandemic, the schools are closed and parents don’t want to send their students to coaching centers that’s why they are referring to online tuitions for their students to complete their syllabus. So, what are you waiting for start giving online tuition to needy students and get paid up to 30 to 60 thousand per month, and fulfill your dreams on your own without asking your parents.

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