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The growth of global business has made it necessary to maintain a huge volume of data, and maintaining all valuable information in paper or hardcopy form is just next to impossible. As a result, the concept of data entry has increased at a rapid pace. Data entry allows the maintenance of data in an electronic format, where the data can be stored securely and can be accessed from multiple locations.

Maintaining the data in an electronic format offers the lowest chance of data loss. As a result, the craze of data entry services has increased and businesses are always looking for outsourcing this job to specialized service providers. We are one such data entry firm, which offers specialized data entry services. Having state-of-the art infrastructure, talented and experienced workforce, and the use of advanced technology has made us different from the rest of the lot.

To get an idea about our services, just check out the services we offer.

Data Entry Services
Data entry services involve the entry of all the handwritten, paper document in the electronic format. It marks a sheer difference in your performance standards by increasing your business activities. In addition, it saves you time and money to a great extent. The following is a list of data entry services we offer:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Online Ad Posting
  • Image Entry
  • Insurance Claim Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry Jobs

Data Processing Services
Data processing services involve the conversion of the data into the preferred format. Here, we accept data in all formats and deliver you the processed data in the format you need. Our data processing division offers you the following services:

  • Data Mining Data Cleansing
  • Forms Processing Check Processing
  • OCR Cleanup Insurance Claim Processing
  • Survey Processing

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Image Scanning and Indexing
Image scanning and indexing is all about processing and converting data into videos , photos and the 3D formats. Images in a hard copy format or paper document can be processed and converted into 3D format with the help of image scanning and indexing services. This allows you to access the image effectively. The image scanning and indexing services we offer includes:

  • OCR / ICR
  • Image Processing
  • Hand Written Data Capture
  • Data Capture
  • Document Management System

Data Conversion services
The translation or the conversion of data in one format to another is known as data conversion services. Dat conversion is a comprehensive process, which involves the cleansing and validation of the data, and then converting it into the preferred format specified by the client. The services we offer includes the following :

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  • Data Conversion Book Conversion
  • CAD Conversion Catalog Conversion
  • XML Conversion PDF Conversion
  • Document Conversion HTML Conversion
  • SGML Conversion
  • Knowledge Base
  • Data Entry Project Turnaround Data pricing
  • Data Security Data Entry Quality
  • Data Entry Format



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