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Are now common these days most of the company are preparing smartphone so that they will I can do jobs by using business applications which are present in the company. Another hand there are some jobs which can be done as a fresher with help of smartphone.

If you are also searching mobile job then you are at right place we have more than 2000 opening in mobile base work from home job.

Mobile  Job 1 Details

SMS sending job

In this job you have to send multiple message to the contact list and you have to also manage different contacts on daily basis so that you can send unlimited message.
The job requires proper sending of message you can send up to 150 message per day and it message contains about company details of product and services. The cost of is message is rupees 5 so so you have to be careful while sending the message because if you send wrong message the payment will be deducted from your earning.

Mobile Job 2 details

WhatsApp message sending job

WhatsApp is easiest way to send message as compared to simple text message. In WhatsApp you have to send daily 200 message and each message will cost rupees 3 so you can send it and get an on weekly basis.

Job title : Application promotion
This job you can promote the locations of the company and you will get a referral income for promoting that software. The company provides a great incentive when the people use your referral code and by the application.

SMS sending job versus WhatsApp message sending job

Both the jobs required sending message to the client but in SMS sending job you have a limitation of text whatsApp message does not have any limitation.

In text message we can send up to hundred message per day according to the rule but in WhatsApp there is no limitation we can send unlimited message.

Text based message rule where WhatsApp message follow only internet rule.

Text message job has Limited resource and one can earn upto rupees 10000 per month but in WhatsApp message job there is no limitation and one can earn upto rupees 20000 per month.

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Anand Giri
Anand Giri
1 year ago

Airtel job sms

Indhumathi Pongiappan
Indhumathi Pongiappan
1 year ago


1 year ago

How can I earn from SMS sending job

Mahvish Jahan
1 year ago

Mujhe work chahiye

Rohitkumar damor
Rohitkumar damor
10 months ago

9537952096 sms sending work send

Boby yadav
Boby yadav
10 months ago

I am looking for work from home jobs which can help me to get some extra money. I need it urgently because the salary which I receive is very less and I want some extra working process from where I can earn more money.