message sending job

message sending job

Are you looking for a WhatsApp message sending job? If yes! then you are at the right place at present. The company is providing two types of message jobs in WhatsApp one for personal WhatsApp number and another for business WhatsApp number. WhatsApp number you have to send different types of transactional services present in your contact details and you can also upload the images of the services which have been provided by the company. In personal WhatsApp numbers the earning is quite low as compared to business WhatsApp numbers. In business WhatsApp numbers you have to send different types of products and services to the contact details which you have present and if you get any reply or if they forget to the company then it is counted as a lead. As many as you generate the lead you will get more and more income for your work.

Apply for the post of professional WhatsApp message

The Job seekers who have professional WhatsApp message are eligible for this post. I want to join personal WhatsApp message work they can install the WhatsApp and convert their simple WhatsApp to professional WhatsApp link so that they can also do the job.

Application for the post of simple WhatsApp message work

Those who are using simple WhatsApp application India mobile they can also do the job but they have to send only non promotional message with their WhatsApp number.



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20 days ago

I am doing part time jobs from last 2 months and i am getting Rs 10000 per month i need to upgrade the plan so that i can earn at least Rs 20000 per month. Kindly help me out as i live in delhi and its very costly city.

20 days ago

how can I apply for sms sending jobs? Where can i download application of this job? What is the age limit of doing part time work?

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