Intelligence for successful Career & Life

It is not enough to know how to do your job or to be a very intelligent person. People who are not emotionally smart waste time on personality conflicts and complaining. They lose self-control when faced with tense and stressful situations. “Unsmart” people undermine their own and others’ performance and work satisfaction.

Intellectual knowledge and technical skills are no larger sufficient for success at work or in life. While factual knowledge and hoe-to skills continue to be important, emotional intelligence skills have become even more crucial and valuable. Relationships with associates and customers depend on your ability to communicate effectually are-on-one and in groups. Add emotional intelligence to the list of requirements for personal satisfaction and a successful career.

Today our lives are filled with change and “busy-ness” at home and at work. When the pace of life was slower and more predictable, it was easier to be pleasant, clam, peaceful and thoughtful.

We think and act on emotions stimulated by the present environment and past events. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one form of intelligence that we are discovering or beginning to understand. EI is an intelligence distinct from intellectual intelligence. Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence derive from difference parts of the brain and so they function in different ways.

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