Email Sending Jobs in Chennai

Email Sending Jobs in Chennai : Chennai is a city in Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Is also called Madras. In this city, many educational institutions are constructed and Tamil language is spoken by every person living in that area and there are 122 villages. Total population is 46,46,732 in which males are 23,35,844 and females are 23,10,888.

Email Sending Job in Chennai
So, in today’s world mostly people are jobless and they are unable to afford budgets at their home because in most of the places government is corrupted by which they give jobs to those who give bribery to them. So, it is very difficult to take a government job.

How Much Earn In Email Sending Jobs in Chennai : Moreover, it is a special offer for them to do a part-time job while sitting at home only. Email Sending Job in Chennai You will Do work only for 2-3 hours . Then, you can earn 10,000 rupees monthly. You can get your salary weekly too. Job is “EMAIL SENDING JOBS“. In this job,you have to send 200 emails and you will earn 6 rupees per article.

Registration process : If any person is interested in doing any kind of online job, I am interested. Then,first they should fill in a registration form in which you have to give your detail about your mobile number, email address I’d, pin code of your location and your registration fee is 850 rupees which you can transfer your money through paytm, phonepe or account transfer. Finally, after completion of your process you can be able to do this job.

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Madhavan s
Madhavan s
2 years ago

Iam interest to work in email sending job in chennai.kind send Chennai office add .iam cont directly