Earning Money Online at homejob

Do you spend so much of your time on the internet? How far did you go? Are you fond of surfing any social networking site? If you do then you are welcome to homejob.co.in. This is a social networking site where you can posts questions, communicate with your friends and play online games. However, this is not just your ordinary social networking site.

The most interesting part here is that aside from the basic features of a social networking site that connects you to different people, you can earn money from it. I’m sure this sounds interesting for you. Well it should be because by just posting questions and get answers or feedback from other users will let you earn money.


Yes that is right! In homejob.co.in, the management of the websites values their clients. The only way for them to pay back to the loyalty of their client is to give them money in exchange for their time on surfing the site. There are several ways for you to earn while checking the site. Here are the possible things that you can do in homejob.co.in and earn some extra money online.

1. Post topics or questions homejob.co.in
– This is one of the basic features of all social networking sites. If you post questions and your friends replied to it, then you will earn money from it. We suggest you to post interesting topic. If this becomes the trending issue in the site, you will be earning a lot of money.

2. Making referrals and Earning Money Online
– It may sound like a pyramidal strategy for business but the difference with homejob.co.in is that you earn money by referring a friend without investing a single cent. It’s true. All you need to do is check your profile and send your referral link to a friend. Let your friend visit the link and they will be directed to the landing page of homejob.co.in. Let them register an account and after that you will get instant money. The fun does not stop there once your referred friend post questions or do other tasks you will earn 20% from their daily earnings as well.

3. Playing games
– Another way of earning money in homejob.co.in is to play online game and challenge other players. Win and get awesome rewards or money. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone, you enjoyed playing and you are earning money too.

4. Work with simple tasks
– This is not just an ordinary social networking site it actually serves as the venue for different people who can provide simple tasks to other users in exchange for money. You can check the recent tasks in the tab menu. In there, you can view the active tasks where you can apply and do the job to earn money. All you need to remember is to contact the user who provides the tasks before working on it. You wait for the confirmation of the employer then you can start working on it.

homejob Legit or Scam
homejob is the forum type discussion website. They are paying for your discussion with each other in their website. They pay little like 0.01$ for discussion. You may spend many hours to reach minimum payout. They are paying many persons for their work. So homejob is not a scam and it is legit one.

These are the common ways to earn money in homejob.co.in. If you are interested to earn money at home and enjoy the features of social networking site then homejob.co.in will be your best option. Just make sure to have an online paypal account in order for you to transfer your fund from homejob.co.in.

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