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Online Data Entry Format

Our Company takes the data of any format to be entered and sends it to our clients in any format according to their requirements. We are one of the pioneers in the field of Online Data Entry. We try to maintain the top international standards while transferring data among various databases. We also customize Online Data Entry input and output to meet demanding customer requirements.
We have a team of trained professionals who are experts in the field of Online Data Entry and are capable of handling any format of data. You can send your data in any format and we will convert it into any other format as per your requirements.

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The input and output format as mentioned below will help our clients to have a clear idea about what the process of receiving and sending their crucial data or information is.

Online Data Entry Input Format

You can send your data that are to be entered in the following formats:

1. Data in image files
2. Data in legacy files
3. Online Data Entry HTML format
4. Online Data Entry word format
5. Data in spreadsheets
6. Online Data Entry excel format
7. Data in print documents

We also receive Online Data Entry files as CSV file, PDF file, Zip file, TIFF file or RTF file. We manage all file formats that are relevant to various industry standards. If our clients are looking to take advantage of other Online Data Entry services like Legal Document Entry, Card Entry, Book Entry, Online Online Data Entry, Offline Online Data Entry, Hand Written Entry, Image Entry or even Manual Online Data Entry you can send us your files via email in different file formats. We can also convert the hard copies into digital formats to suit your requirements. Paper based data are also converted into electronic format here.

If you have any project that deals with a copyrighted or patented file format then we can manage your project, as we have a pool of skilled professionals we particularly deals with these kinds of clients.

Online Data Entry Output Format

Complete files are delivered in the following formats in our company:

1. Binary or ASCII formats
2. Text files
3. Access documents
4. Word documents
5. Spreadsheets
6. Database formats
7. PDFs
8. HTML files or any other types according to your requirements.

The following media are the ways by which we will provide the final output of your project.

1. FTP upload
2. CD-R or CD-W
3. 3.5 inch diskette
4. Direct Modem Transfer (i.e. Telix, Hyper Terminal)
5. Via Internet E-mail.

We are capable of producing given data in any format that suits the requirements of your firm such as a database, excel, simple text or different mark up language such as XML, HTML or SGML.
Just send your data in any format and leave the rest on us. Clear your doubts, if any, and contact us for more detailed information regarding Online Data Entry format.

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