• Home based Data conversion job in BPO company is available at free registration
  • Position for the following post : Data warehousing projects, Freelance Data conversion, Data Editing,
  • 50 pages per day
  • Working 25 days in a month.
  • New project will be provided for every 15 days
  • Work submission date is every 6th day.
  • Internship salary ₹ 15,000/m after completing per page
  • Accuracy of work must be above 85 %
  • If accuracy of work is less then 85% then payment will be ₹ 7000/m

About Data conversion

The Data Conversion can be defined as the process of converting the data from one format to another. The need for data conversion services has increased considerably over the years. There is a consistent need to convert data from one format into another across industries. The reason for doing so may vary from client requirements, contingency plans, idea-theft and so on. More often than not, the volume of data that needs to be converted into a different format may be quite huge. And it is not practical for small and medium level businesses to maintain in-house data conversion experts. This is where one needs to consider outsourcing their data conversion requirements. Sharing of data becomes a common activity in today’s cyber world, and after collecting the data from the different sources, the entrepreneurs need to compile the data from different formats to same format, and to deal with this technical process, the companies need to find the services of reliable data conversion service providers.

Choosing a company that provides quality data conversion services is not that easy due to the huge competition out there. Most of them have realized the importance of accuracy in data conversion. Clients do not take it lightly when they see numerous errors that have cropped up on the converted data.

Let us look at why accuracy plays an important role in data conversion services.

Quantity or quality?

As a company which needs to hire the services of a data conversion expert, what would you look for? As the amount of data on the computers is increasing rapidly with each passing day, it becomes extremely important that we ensure the quality of the data while converting it from one format to another. The quality of data can be measured by the accuracy of the data, and to keep the efficiency as well as effectiveness of the data it is important that the data in question should be accurate, consistent, valid, accessible, complete, and timely in all manners. While performing data conversion, you have to keep in mind that the data must be correct as well as precise. Quality output coupled with reasonable prices; now that is a combination not many can say no to!

The Benefits of Accuracy in Data Conversion

There are enormous benefits for finding the accuracy while performing data conversion. If you are able to convert the data in the required format with accuracy, you can prepare accurate reports from your database in future. It will increase your confidence on your data base which results in increase in profit. Another key benefit of accuracy in data conversion is, you will spend less time in organizing the facts and figures while collecting the information from your data base. Your staff is going to spend less time for collecting the correct information and it reduces the cost occurred on preparing the reports.

Saves time

Even if you have an in-house data conversion expert, do you think it is feasible to invest the time and service of another employee to verify the accuracy of the submitted work? Clients expect error-free outputs that don’t need rechecking or proofreading. If your data conversion service can offer that level of quality to your client, rest assured he is never leaving you. Of course it will take time building that kind of a relationship, but it is totally worth it.


It always pays to have data conversion specialists from different backgrounds working on your project. Different clients will have different requirements and if you can provide experts who have a sound understanding of the respective domain, they will feel more confident in awarding you the project. It goes without saying that the conversion needs to be accurate as much as possible.

This can also result in considerable savings for your clients because they do not have to go hunting for a new service provider every now and then. Therefore, make sure you have experts from different domains who can deliver accurate output.

Customer Satisfaction

This is a no-brainer! Imagine that you turn up with 100% accurate data everytime you are assigned a project. Your client may recheck it at first, but once they realize you maintain a highly level of output, chances are that they are going to stick with you for a very long time. It has been a generally observed trend in various data conversion companies that bulk of their orders are often from repeat customers.

How to Find Accuracy in Data Conversion

First of all you have to create a system that is user friendly and easy to use for everyone in order to achieve the utmost accuracy in the data conversion. Keep informing about the latest updates to the users / workers who are engaged in performing the data conversion. Keep the checks on the data conversion staff and double check the converted data before validating it. You have to limit the access of the data so that only quality data can be validated.

Find Quality Workers for Data Conversion

The most important thing to keep the accuracy of the data while performing data conversion is the quality of the staff that is performing the data conversion. If you hire less experience people for this important task to reduce the cost, this means you are compromising on the quality which results in additional costs while rectifying the errors. If you go for the quality workers even if you have to pay little bit more it actually saves your cost if you look at the overall objective of the data conversion.

Data conversion is a demanding business these days, but it become useless if the accuracy of the data is lost while converting it from one format to another; therefore, you have to keep in mind that the importance of accuracy is data conversion is unavoidable.

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