data entry clerk jobs from home

Job Requirement

  • Basic computing/Laptop/Smartphone skills
  • Fast and accurate typing skills both in computer and mobile
  • Experience in working with Excel, Word processing, database, and presentation software
  • high-speed Internet connection
  • Send your updated resume detailing your skills and experience
  • Email address or cell phone number for communication

The data entry jobs that are also known as the clerical jobs are related to entering the information into a database or in any program through a computer. Though these jobs are assumed as simpler of the work, but actually the data entry clerks required to have a number of skills that includes know-how to use computer, language skills, and advanced level skills to use keyboards. The data entry jobs are related to take the information from hard copy such as files, forms, or other papers of the company, and enter into the computer through a software or database program. Some of these data entry jobs or clerical jobs are just related to the typing work, while others required a bit technical skills such as language skills, punctuation, grammar, and knowledge of numerical data entry. The data entry operators can work in a number of different fields that include banks, marketing, finance, accounting, and healthcare industries. Though there is no such specific qualification is required to become a data entry operator but following are the skills that you must possess if you want to start a career as a data entry operator.

data entry clerical jobs

  • Language Skills for Data Entry Jobs One of the skills required to become a data entry operator is, you must possess the best knowledge of the language in which you have to do data entry. When we say knowledge of the language that includes the grammar as well as punctuation knowledge. In many of the data entry jobs you have to rectify the errors, or put the numeric data in the subjective form. You also have a good command over the spellings so that you can minimize the errors, and provide quality work to your employer.
  • Speed and Accuracy Speed and accuracy is one of factor in clerical work. Your employer won’t prefer low speed typist. Most of the employer expect your typing speed should be around 30 to 40 words per minute. Even if you have good typing speed maintaining good accuracy also must. If the information you enter is not correct it will create more problem to your employer. So speed and accuracy is the key factors for data entry typists.
  • Use of Numeric Keys in the Data Entry Jobs : Besides having strong reading and writing skills you also possess an extensive knowledge of using the numeric keys and spreadsheet programs. Many of the clerical jobs are related to the data entry of the numerics or figures. To become a successful data entry operator you must know how to use the spreadsheet programs and got a good speed as well as control on the use of numeric keys.
  • Familiarity with Use of Equipment’s in Clerical Jobs : Besides having good language as well as grammar skills, it is also a prerequisite for some data entry jobs that you must know how to use office equipment’s such as computer, scanner, printer, photocopier, and calculators. These are the essential equipment’s that you need to learn how to use when you choose a career in data entry.

With the emergence of freelancing, and online jobs, the data entry jobs become even more popular as many of the companies outsource their work of data entry to the qualified freelancers. Even if you are a freelancer, you must possess the above mentioned skills to become a successful data entry operator. The above mentioned skills are the per-requisites for clerical jobs, data entry jobs, and other type of similar jobs.

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