Creative work – DO YOU LIKE PLAYING?

To reiterate the obvious – times are changing. What adpeople call home now is a marketing environment that’s somewhat in disarray – but evolving.

Creative work is “somewhat in disarray – but evolving” also. New kinds of creators are emerging. What Imagination Australia director, Heath Campanero, sees on the horizon might change your mind about how you compose your CV and where you see you thriving.

“The interesting thing is not how well informed of the changes we are, or how many trend pieces we write or take our clients through on the subject. Success lies in what we’re doing in our own businesses to ensure that we have the right people to take on this uncertain future. People who think differently, who come from divergent worlds, and who come together in new ways to solve new kinds of problems.

“At Imagination we’re lucky. We’ve been on this journey of building a unique group of creative misfits for a long time as the breadth of our work requires it. From being the creative directors for Sydney New Year’s Eve and the Royal Australian Navy’s International Fleet Review on one end of the spectrum, to running the country’s biggest ever traveling exhibition, the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience, all the way to corporate and internal comms, launch events, retail activation, even branding and design, we need a very unusual combination of people who bring a very wide spectrum of skills together to deliver on these projects.

“We have everything from brand strategists, architects, creative directors, social media experts, art directors, interior designers, writers, retail and customer experience specialists, event producers, film producers, motion graphics and digital experts, creative technologists, developers… you name it. 100+ creators from all walks of life, who bring something different to every brief depending on who we put in the room to solve for it.

“It’s really exciting to see how creative minds mix with analytical brains, and how those who have come from typical marketing agencies try to make sense of sometimes chaotic creative energy at their fingertips.

“I think that agencies of the future have already figured out that the old creative model isn’t fit for purpose – that’s not to say that those inside that model don’t have a role in the new world, quite the opposite. I think we need their ability to harness concepts and turn them into solutions more than ever. It’s the manner and method of getting to the idea that will need to change. Who they work with, where they work and solve, how they involve clients in the process and what the endgame looks like are all up for grabs, and it’s really exciting.”

The creative core of Imagination Sydney is now its ImaginationLab. This high-tech play space is where new gen toys are turned into next gen tools that solve client’s now and future problems – by a new kind of creative team made up of strategists, technologists, creatives, producers…and anyone with an idea.

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