When To Change a Job?


We all have bad days at work, but if you are constantly at work is bad, then you have time to think about change. Here are the signs that indicate that you need to move on: 1) You do not want to go to work. You get up in the morning and feel a strong … Read more

Alternative Recruitment Contest: Win bonuses and in-house entrepreneur qualifications, all based on your creativity

If you are at least 18 years old, creative, have leadership skills, have high emotional quotient/adversity quotient, etc., don’t hesitate to sign up Work from Home jobs Elevator Speech (Elevator Speech) generally refers to the limited time and occasions, such as elevators and toilets, to transform your thoughts into the key points and let the … Read more

Full time, part time or freelance?

Oh dear, you thought this article was going to give you the definitive answer for you. As if that were possible. This is the next best thing. It’s not an armchair appraisal like so many articles out there. Nor a potpourri of a lot of different opinions. It’s a ranking of the features in each, … Read more

How did the other applicants apply?

“Please send a cover letter and your C.V.” “Well that’s pretty boring. How many cover letters and C.V.s is this hirer going to read? How different can one cover letter be from another cover letter? Should I do something wild, fun, creative, clever, skillful, fascinating, extraordinary… Is that what people who get jobs do?” Sending … Read more

Creative work – DO YOU LIKE PLAYING?

To reiterate the obvious – times are changing. What adpeople call home now is a marketing environment that’s somewhat in disarray – but evolving. Creative work is “somewhat in disarray – but evolving” also. New kinds of creators are emerging. What Imagination Australia director, Heath Campanero, sees on the horizon might change your mind about … Read more