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CAD Conversion

Cost cutting and increased value of the drawings are the benefits that you will get from cad conversion. Another most important offering of cad conversion is that the efficiency of the overall drawing management is improved.
DataEntryWork is your ultimate destination to all kinds of cad conversion services. We convert all your scanned paper drawings, different types of maps, hand drawn engineering, architectural and mechanical drawings, site and subdivision plans, parcel maps and utility plans. You get them converted in accurate, editable cad drawings.

We ensure

1. Working with Us you will get the following benefits:
2. High Accuracy of the Drawings
3. Output to MicroStation and AutoCAD formats
4. Use of dimensioning styles, fonts, standard cell (block) libraries etc.
5. Uniform layout for all drawings
6. Element symbology and level (layer) assignment according to the client’s required standards
7. Careful control of type of entities used in the drawing

Why not Us
With an experience of over 10 years, we are the best in the business that provides effective and efficient solutions to your CAD conversion.

We offer
Skilled professional: You can get access to highly trained and skilled professionals to understand and find out solutions to your problems. Our teams are very reliable, producing customized solutions to our clients, and maintain top international standards.

Affordable prices: We offer you quality work in a scheduled timeline at an exceptionally low price. We cater to small as well as very big clients. We are suitable for all budgets.

Personalized services: If a client requires the highest level of accuracy, our skilled personnel can rectify the drawings personally to match the specification provided by the client to make the drafts fully acceptable to your company.
Data Entry Work produces files in all kind of CAD or GIS format. This includes ArchInfo (Coverage), ArcView (SHP), Auto CAD (DWG, DXF, MicroStation (DGN).

Different CAD Conversion Services

The company provides all kinds of services in CAD conversion.

1. Paper to CAD Conversion 2. PDF to DGN Conversion
3. Hand-Drawn to CAD Conversion 4. PDF to CAD Conversion
5. Multi-layer CAD Conversion 6. MCD to DWG Conversion
7. Blueprints to CAD Conversion 8. TIF to DOC Conversion
9. Pictures or Renderings to CAD 10. 2D to 3D Conversion
11. DGN to DWF Conversion 12. Legacy Drawing Conversion
13. AutoCAD conversion to MicroStation

We provide all kinds of changes and modifications in your existing drawings. Our service is equal for firms that are big or small. Our experienced CAD professionals, along with our engineers, provide output as per the specification of the clients using layers and blocks in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Avail the services of the company and feel the difference that we can make to your business. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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