Freelancer sms sending job USA company – India

Are you looking for SMS sending work from home? we are providing virtual employee for the company who are looking for promoting their products and services with the help of message. they are looking for a smart worker who can send different types of promotional message to the list which they have in their mobile.

sms sending jobs

Work from home job is a best platform for clients and employees to work on a platform where both employee and Company get benefit. we are in co-ordinate with many company who wants to complete their work without having a dedicated employee in company they are looking for the worker who can. who can work from home and complete their task on time. employee who are working with their work on time by providing all the work according to the company.

Virtual assistant

We work as a virtual assistant for both the company and the employee. at present we have opening in SMS sending work from India can do SMS work for US based company who are promoting their eCommerce website worldwide. . Those candidates who have good communication skill in English and  hindi  can apply.
How to apply SMS sending job?
To apply SMS sending job you need to submit your biodata with our job portal you can also ask questions in the comment box.
An employee who can do work from home without any provisions of company they will get a task and they have to complete the task according to the time Defined by the company there will be no super observation of the employee there will be no time restriction reply In freelance job you need to have expert in any technical skills so that you can easily join the job but in case of SMS sending job to don’t required any technical knowledge only you need to have a smartphone and have. Best place in your home where you can do your work without any disturbance. it is one of the most famous job and had been done from the decade by many freelance worker and they have earn lots of money by sending SMS work.
What do you mean by plants SMS sending job?
Freelance SMS sending job means that you have to send message by searching the contact detail which are present online and offline and you have to do all the work according to your on understanding there will be no supervision of the company of your work so you need d to be your own Boss at the time of doing the work. freelancers are self employed who can complete the task and submit the task to the company for that they will get paid.
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