UX Senior Design Researcher – Remote job


The homejob Foundation is looking for a UX researcher to join our User Experience team. The ideal addition to our team is an excellent communicator, knowledgeable about UX Design and gaining insights from users, and above all passionate about collaborative working, free culture, and providing the sum of all human knowledge to every person on the planet.

Your work will involve a range of quantitative and qualitative research for a variety of projects, helping inform us as to what our users need and want out of the 5th most popular site on the planet. Our intention is to build a dedicated team of UX researchers, and as one of the first few researchers in this job, you will play a crucial role in shaping both the position and the research process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you’ll do more than this, we promise.

  • Contribute to building UX research process, from participant recruiting, screening, and scheduling to writing test plans and prototypes, and presenting findings. (We are also hiring a part time research recruiter, so recruiting will be less labor intensive for the researchers.)
  • Contribute to the UX team, help maintain, organise and grow the UX research library and toolkit, while prototyping the role of Senior UX Researcher.
  • Quickly move from research planning to conducting fieldwork, synthesizing insights, and recommending design directions and opportunities.
  • Design UX metrics to measure and track over time, helping to illustrate the impact of design changes on user experience.
  • Partner with Product Managers, Analysts and the User Experience team in managing research requests, collecting briefs and prioritising business questions.


The right person is better than the right set of experiences, these are the traits we’ve identified make great additions to our team so far.

  • MA, MS, or PhD degree in a human behavior related field preferred (human computer interaction, Cognitive Psychology, Anthropology, Social Science, Information Science, Interaction Design, Design process in general, Information Architecture, Human Factors, or related comparable experience.
  • 4+ years of relevant work experience, including knowledge of a wide range of UX research methods and techniques including multi-device UX research with at least 1-year of experience in a large-scale online industry applications or services.
  • Experience with applied statistics and large scale data in multi-method studies.
  • Design and conduct early stage design and product definition activities, including ethnographic research, interviews, personas, workshops, and focus groups.
  • Strong foundation in qualitative research methods, such as usability studies, participatory design sessions, remote & un-moderated testing, iterative testing, surveys.
  • Self directed usability inspections such as heuristic evaluations or cognitive walkthroughs, and competitive evaluations.
  • Able to switch from independent, self-directed work to collaborating with others. Excellent at time-management, multi-tasking, and prioritizing.

How you say it is as important than what you say.

  • Participate in strategic research planning.
  • Contribute to driving user centered product definition and iteration.
  • Be a voice for the user in team-wide and organization-wide discussions.
  • Use visual and verbal communication skills to present complex analysis and results concisely and compellingly to any audience, focusing on actionable recommendations.
  • Group facilitation and presentation skills; ability to hone in on the most important insights and fit them into a framework or set of principles.
  • Able to take a variety of primary and secondary source materials such as site analytics, survey results, user sessions, industry reports and best practices to craft actionable recommendations.


In addition to the basic skills needed for being successful these skills could set you apart.

  • Have familiarity with Free and Open Source communities.
  • Experience with data processing, visualization, and/or statistical software (SQL, Python, stata/R, JavaScript, JSON, D3) preferred
  • Able to create low and high-fidelity prototypes; some UX and Visual design skills a definite plus.
  • Speak more than one of the 286 languages of the users you’ll be designing for.
  • Have experience editing Wikipedia or its sister projects.

We’d like to see your work!

There are a few things you’ll need.

  • Resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  • A portfolio of recent work in the form of case studies, research findings,  presentation, that illustrates a drive towards customer understanding and actionable design direction
  • A brief summary of your experience in making an account on Wikipedia as well as making your first edit if you aren’t already a Wikipedian. Let us know what you’d change and why.
  • Anything else that will let us know more about who you are, WMF project user name, your blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

About the homejob Foundation

The homejob Foundation is the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia and the other projects operated by the homejob Foundation receive more than 431 million unique visitors per month, making them the 5th most popular web property worldwide. Available in more than 287 languages, Wikipedia contains more than 32 million articles contributed by a global volunteer community of more than 100,000 people. Based in San Francisco, California, the homejob Foundation is an audited, 501(c)(3) charity that is funded primarily through donations and grants. The homejob Foundation was created in 2003 to manage the operation of Wikipedia and its sister projects. It currently employs over 208 staff members. homejob is supported by local chapter organizations in 40 countries or regions.

The homejob Foundation offers competitive benefits. Fully paid medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their eligible families (yes, fully paid premiums!). A Wellness Program which provides reimbursement for mind, body and soul activities such as fitness memberships, massages, cooking classes and much more. 401(k) retirement plan with matched contributions of 4% of annual salary.

Doing data entry or customer service work from home has many benefits; it saves you time not having to commute and you have a flexible schedule. However, sometimes it can be difficult to spend your time effectively without getting distracted. We give you 5 hacks for optimizing your productivity when working from home.

1. Clothes make the man

Of course, it is tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, however if you get dressed in the morning you will feel more determined to get the job done. It has been said that people who wear professional clothing have a feeling of being more trustworthy, competent and authoritative. On the other hand, people who wear a casual outfit feel more friendly. Therefore, it is important to dress for the job.

2. No phone zone

Phones are everywhere around and nowadays we can hardly live without these small electronic devices. Not touching your phone for a while can be difficult, but it will really help you focus on your work. Turning off the notifications or putting your phone in flight mode can help you suppress the urge of checking your phone all the time. A tip that might work even better, is to leave your phone in a different room or at least out of your reach. Unless you need your phone for data entry work or customer service work.

3. Scheduling is key

Being able to work whenever and wherever you like is a big advantage of having a data entry or customer service job at home. However, it is best to set certain goals in the beginning of the day and try keeping track of them as the day passes. You can use this information for later assignments as well, so that you get an idea of how much time it takes you to finish certain tasks.

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