Data entry of Canada digital product, remote jobs from India

Canada base e-commerce MNC company is looking for part-time workers from India who can enter digital products, product information, price, and discount offer on particular products and services.
At present company is working on the process of direct export and looking for virtual export business to promote their entire products online in which they can present direct digital export to many e-customer and companies. the company is looking for experts who can enter digital products so that virtual cells subdirectory can be increased
Remote employed job description
  • The employee must understand about product management process in which they have to follow life cycle from product entry to product distribution.
  • The employee must understand the product information so that the product can get maximum output from the online presentations.
  • Data entry required proper attention and accuracy of products which include title, description, price, quantity, rating, reviews.
  • The time period for entering One data should be limit from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • There will be no vacation on Sunday employee e had to manage their leave according to their on a time schedule.
  • Complete the target of 1500 entries per week.
  • The remote employee can earn weekly up to rupees 10,000.
  • There will be no. Travel allowance and home allowances and other allowances for remote employee
  • The employee must manage their works properly with advanced computer and good internet connectivity.
  • The maximum payout per month will not increase to 75,000.
Who can apply remote job?
Candidates who have experience in data entry in e-commerce products and websites can apply for remote jobs.
An employee who has done a Canada job previously is most welcome.
Fresher can also apply remote job only condition is that they must have typing speed and good communication skill.
How to apply remote data entry job of Canada?
To apply for a remote data entry job the candidates must submit their resume and wait for the formal interview in which the company will directly ask you about your work and experience you have also so your workplace where you will do the job. the workplace must contain proper internet connection and a computer on a laptop in good condition.
Roll of Remote employees from India
Product data Sourcing :  The employee must understand about product information and they are also capable of collecting product information from different sources.
Collecting digital catalogue : work on PDF file so that they can make PDF files that contains information about the product.
Adding and removing the digital products: the employee must know how to add products and they can also remove the products if management ask them to remove them.
The changes which need to be done are as follows adding product images, description, specification, features, sales information, etc.


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