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CECDE is the world’s TENTH-largest Research and advertising company presents its products in almost 90 countries. Our passionate and list and researches have built multiple products for the customer we provide a powerful infrastructure for the customer for their business. we serve more than 1000 plants across the world with 80% solution.

The company is looking for steps in the following field:

Data entry operator: this is a contract base hourly job in which an employee has to work 36 hours per week. they have to enter all the products and detail of the clients which are present in Word format. they have to read the data and then copy the data from a word file and paste it to the Excel sheet.

Key Responsibilities

  • Minimum 7000 keystrokes per hour
  • degree of accuracy 95%
  • Work according to the planned deadline on the project.
  • The candidates must resolve the problem at the time of entering the data
  • They have to coordinate with their team member and their support net to complete the project on time.

What is the sick leave policy of Remote Jobs in los angeles, ca? How many sick days do you get per year?
In a remote job you only have to inform the admin about your sick so that alternate people can work on your project. in Los Angeles, Canada remote job is very comfortable jobs and. You can work according to your own timetable. if you are not feeling well then you can adjust your time according to the situation. Depending upon your position your sick will be a sign for more information about sick leave per year you need to contact your HR.

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