Earn in $ 1500 USD doing online tasks from home

Do you know that you can work for USA country sitting at home, for this, it is very important for you to have a technical hand if you have technical knowledge, then you can easily take up the work of US, there are many such promotion websites and companies in India that gives this kind of work.
All you have to do is make your resume well and upload it on a freelance website. In this resume, you have to tell about your technical scale and how you work.

What do you need to do?
You need to provide all types of material including assignments. Projects and so on for the friends to the home you have to make the project
What is the payout of the assignment?
If you are making assignments for USA country then you can get $ 500 per assignment, if you are making project for Dubai country then you can earn dollar 1000 per assignment.
How can I get projects?
You have to restart in assignment and project providing company and then you have to be on the projects and assignments on which you have knowledge then you will get an order from the company and you have to complete the projects on the time frame.


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