Apply for Virtual Office Assistant jobs – Delhi NCR

We are looking for an employee who can work remotely for our USA’s best client. You have to support our clients with a variety of services and you must have experience in administrative-technical and business support services. He could handle office task as an office secretary or manage all the things can be done from home office using your own laptop computer. you must have a proper internet connection and phone.

Apply for virtual assistant job

The total number of openings for Virtual Office Assistant jobs The candidates we’re looking for a virtual assistant job can apply by submitting their resumes before the due date. The selected candidates will have the telephonic interview and once they cleared the telephonic interview there will be an interactive session between our company me and the employee. The selection process will be done within a week.

We are looking for experience standard with good knowledge in handling USA best client on technology or software. He or she must be experienced in making technical documents of the project for the client.

You will be also responsible for or handling our team and guiding them about client requirements.

To also manage coordination between the client and our technical team.

Employee bond with the company

The employee must sign the bond before joining the job and until and unless the company will not provide you any assignments.
The bond is in between the employee and the company that there will be no any e get a League of the client.

The employee will not work for the other domain simultaneously with our company.

The bond is about you to do not linking of data to the other company.

Once you resign the the job we will pay 2 month extra salary at that time period you Are not able to join any company.

If somehow we find that you are not attentive with the customer and our team then we have rights to to fire you anytime.



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