Contract Based Jobs

About contract jobs

Contracting is a period of temporary employment that can last anything from a single day to several months. You are typically paid on a pre-agreed hourly or daily rate or a pro-rata per annum basis. Assignments can be full or part-time.
Contractual jobs are the type of employment in which one has to sign a contract at the beginning of the job, according to which one has to agree to do this work while agreeing to all the terms and conditions mentioned in that contract.

How to get contract jobs

  • Create a contractor CV – short, tailored, focused, and targeted
  • Market yourself on contractor jobs boards, using agencies, and via networks
  • Find specific contractor jobs and send a targeted application
  • Follow-up contract job applications and chase agencies and clients
  • Initial contract job negotiations with the agency/client – secure an interview
  • Pre-interview stage: the 3 ‘P’s’ – Preparation, Preparation, and Preparation
  • During the interview: be proactive
  • During the contract work interview: explore and understand the issues
  • During the interview: ask for the contract work and close the deal
  • Follow up on the interview before starting work on the contract

Is contract jobs better than full-time jobs

Although contract work usually offers higher wages, you can earn benefits and paid time off as a full-time employee. Stability: Full-time work provides financial stability, while contract work may offer a higher earning potential over a shorter period of time.

Age and salary

Anyone aged 18+ and 12th passed can apply to these jobs and you can get the salary of about 3 to 8 lakhs per year.

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