sms sending jobs without investment in India apply now

Apply for the post of SMS sending job which can be done from home. The candidates need to apply online so that their Bata can be shortlisted by the HR department. This is the first time where no registration is required or no investments are required for joining SMS sending work. The only thing which you required is you must have a smartphone and you are able to send different types of promotional messages to the contact list.

How company provides you pay for SMS sending work?
When you send a company message to anyone who is in contact with you and they follow the links to the company website then other shall code will be generated if they use that code for doing any purchase or buying any services then definitely you will get paid for the work.


What type of message should I have to send?
You have to send a promotional message to the contact details which you have.

Can I use WhatsApp message for sending messages?
Yes, you can use WhatsApp messages for sending messages and in this way you can get more leads for the company and the company will pay you more income.

What is the monthly income of SMS sending jobs?
The monthly income of an SMS sending job depends upon the work which you have done the minimum payout is rupees 10000 and the maximum payout is rupees 30000.

How many hours do I have to send a message?
There is no time boundation but try to send messages in 3 different times first you send in the morning time secondly you send in the afternoon and third in the evening so that you can get maximum output of your message.

How can I know that the work which I am sending to the different contact details is beneficial for the company?
When you send any promotional message from your mobile you will get a referral code and that referral code can be tracked by the company.

Can I check my weather report?
Yes you can check your work report by submitting your referral code to the company website.

At present we are providing SMS work for people in India so if you are living in India then you can apply for SMS work and join the 100% free work without investment. It’s a very simple job anyone can do it if you are are willing to try the work then simply register yourself with the help of form present in job portal. The company person will provide you a basic training about SMS work and after that you can do SMS work very easily.


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Rashmi sanjay shrivastav
Rashmi sanjay shrivastav
2 months ago

Dear sir/ madam i want a sms sending job full time work as my typing is very fast i have my own smart phone.

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