earn money by sending whatsapp messages

Now a day new job whatsApp SMS sending job is on demand and most of the people try to do this job. In WhatsApp sending job the maximum earning is rupees 15000, and the employee has to send daily 150 message to the contact details present in their mobile.


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Koshal kishor
Koshal kishor
4 months ago

Thanks for providing me jobs. The process is simple and its easy to make ₹ 10000 per month. the only thing which i notice about the job is to complete the work on time. kindly provide some flexibility.

Rohit Raj
Rohit Raj
3 months ago

thnks for providing earn money option for me

Bhagyashri sadanpawar
2 months ago

I need Sms sending jobs urgently. Kindly provide me whatsapp job. I have done this job previously.

14 days ago

I am interested about this job . Please tell me how to start. I have unlimited package of internet. I have five whatsapp number and i can easily send to thousands of member in a day.

Aditya Vikram Jonathan Susngi
Aditya Vikram Jonathan Susngi
8 days ago

I need to join whatsapp messages job as i have more than 5 mobile

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