sms sending jobs gujarat – virtual assistant job

We are looking for virtual assistant in Gujrat who can do SMS sending job from their home. The company is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India and provides part time work. Due to covid-19 pandemic most of the work is done from home. so, those employees who are looking to join our organization can apply online via submitting their resume or call us.
Simple messaging job can be done with the help of Smartphone on laptop so those who have proper internet connection can apply for job. The job location doesn’t matter you can do this job from any part of the Gujarat we can manage employee by our employee management system.

This job is for Gujarat people show those who live in Gujarat can apply this job. When you apply sms job you must mention your address of Gujarat in the job location so that we can provide the job according to the locations.

Job detail
Type: The job is design for fresher / students / housewife who have passed 10th class can apply the job.
Vacancy total number of vacancies is 120 but if get good response the he we’ll go on we can increase the vacancy in the upcoming month.
Skill: Knowledge of Microsoft office and typing fine for the part-time apply.
Working hour: There is no predefined working hour the employer can work according to the time suitable for them but they have to report the work before 9:00p.m.
Interview: There will be a formal interview about which include knowledge of word and internet.
Job training :  will provide job training on how to do the work so that you can complete the work on time.

The project is about Gujarat small scale industry where we have to promote contents of medical, Gujarat sarve and digital platform for filling the form. To have knowledge about simple messaging can apply the job. The applicant must basic knowledge of typing so that they can type to complete the work. You also have to take the spelling which you have returned because spelling are not tolerated. You have to send message to the company so the content will be checked and then submitted. We have focused on Gujarat small scale industry for promoting messaging application. so only we are looking for local Gujarati who can join our SMS sending work..


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