SMS sending jobs in Gurgaon – Recruitment 2021

 2021 job opening  : Gurgaon is one of the very developed and popular city in India. Gurgaon comes under the state of Haryana. The city has become a leading financial and industrial hub in the country and on the third number among all other cities of India in terms of per capital income.

In the city of Gurgaon, an average population is approximately 876824 as per previous census. A large number of people understand English and are educated but unemployment, Some people are also there who are not that much educationally qualified that they get a get job and hence roaming in search of job through which they can earn their livelihood adequately.

Roles and Responsibilities of sms sending jobs – 2021

Job Type : Part time
vacancies : 1500 ( Applicable only for the year 2021)
Time  : Spend 1 – 3 Hours/Day
Target : send 200 message/Day
Applicant  : Fresher, Students, housewife
Eligibility : 10th/ITI/Diploma/12th/any graduate
Notice : Employee must have smart phone
Technical skill : mobile sms Knowledge
Payment : Weekly/monthly
Interview : no
Salary : ₹ 15,000 to ₹  25,000 per month
opening year : 2021

In order to earn a better source of income, people generally agreed to do any sort of hard work or long travel etc but here exist a job by which you can earn maximum without going or travelling so far,We offer you the job of sms sending in your hometown Gurgaon, you can even commence the job of sms sending in your own house. You have to work for us and intern we will pay you the money. Your job is so simple to do and to understand in both the terms. Just send the sms to the prescribed mobile number given to you by our company and send the sms content thereof. This type of sms sending jobs are gaining very much importance these days as they can act as one of the best mode to spread the information or to promote the goods and services. There are many website on the internet by which you can send the sms worldwide and for free, only it needs little bit internet usage to send the required sms.
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