How to make money by captcha solving online jobs

captcha solving online jobs

You all have heard of captcha solving jobs which are offering online by many of companies. We are also one of them in this field and providing the same job but what distinguishes our company from all other companies is that we first of all wants you to know what the job is and what is its meaning and after your complete analysis and evaluation we offer you the job. In order to explain you the meaning of captcha, i want to express its full form. CAPTCHA stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’. Captcha solving is one of the easiest and most reliable way to earn money online through our site. The payment or reward for each solved captcha is much more than any other online job. Basic requirement of this work is general or common knowledge of internet like surfing, browsing etc and good or speedy typing skills with maximum concentration. You have to convert the image to text to get paid. While solving or typing captchas online, you will get our team’s full support and guidance.

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sms sending jobs

Home job – You have to consider some points in your mind while solving captchas, and these are as follows- You have to solve captcha on the given software, there is no restriction of work time, you can easily do this work at your own time, we will provide you desired support and guideline from the team of our expert executives, you have to maintain 90% accuracy. The job of captcha only requires your typing skills and not any professional or educational qualification. You are also not required to write anything by using your mind, just write whatever is designed by us.
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Yawan dhakal
Yawan dhakal
1 year ago

I want CAPTCHA job , how can i register ?

Yawan Kumar dhakal
Yawan Kumar dhakal
1 year ago

I want without registration fee data entry job plz provide me

Nikhil Girish Jagtap
Nikhil Girish Jagtap
11 months ago

I want to join this job kindly send my detail process in my mail id.

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