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online data entry jobs : 350 vacancy
Copy paste jobs : 259 vacancy
email sending jobs : 789 post
sms sending jobs
 : 450 Vacancy
freelance writing jobs : 20
Conten Writing jobs :  5
resume writing jobs ; 2
Typing jobs : 15
Blog writing : 12
virtual assistant job : 4
review writing : 2

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Job Types: Part-time
Salary: ₹ 10,517 – ₹ 20,431 per month
Schedule: A shift, B Shift, C Shift
Experience work: 0 -1 years
Job opening : 2021 – 2022
Education: Secondary(10th Pass) (Preferred), ITI, Diploma, 12th pass, Inter, BA, Bcom.

In this world which is actually being run by technology everywhere one often underestimates the power the internet has. And the internet has become powerful to an extent that it can allow you to make money sitting at your home and the only requirement needed is dedication and regularity. With the advent of the internet more and more companies are looking at cost cutting measures by outsourcing the work that required less developed skills to people who are working from their homes.

Maintaining office space for an individual even though provides regularity but it costs a lot to the company which is the reason why companies are looking at the internet as a viable option to outsource work at a low cost to individuals who are interested in online working from home since they have some restriction or the other.

Gone are the days when you had to leave home early in the morning and work till late to please people sitting at a higher level than you as the world is slowly moving towards a model wherein the complex tasks are allotted to specialized individuals whereas the ones that require less developed skills can be easily handled by people who want to work but without leaving their homes. In recent times the internet jobs from home have gone up by a huge margin as there are a lot of people interested in taking up such options. If you are wondering what such job options are then there are companies looking for content, blogs, data entry and even software development. You would be surprised that there are a lot of people who in spite of being qualified cannot leave their home due to some reason or the other. The most commonly found people in this category are housewives, students and elderly people past their retirement age who have nothing to do to earn a living.

For such people home based internet jobs can be a lifeline wherein all they need to do is to log on to a computer with an internet connection and spend a few hours every day completing tasks that are floated online by companies for a price. Once you complete a task you get paid instantaneously or within a very short time which makes things very easy for people who do not want to wait for a month to get paid. There are people who make a lot of money with such options and there are also people who makes very less which leads us to a fact that the earning lies completely in your hands as it is up to you to decide how many hours per day you can dedicate to making a living.

It is not that you do cannot do physical jobs part time but there is a certain level of comfort that one gets by opting for internet jobs as it gives them flexibility that no other jobs would. One can easily allot some time daily for completion of their online work and easily manage the other jobs in their free time. So, if you are an interested individual then you should waste no more time in looking for such jobs by becoming a member at and start earning from today

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