amazon sms sending job

Are you looking for a part job? There are many E-Commerce Vander who are looking for sms work to promote their product listed in many eCommerce websites the most famous complete is Amazon. There are millions of consumers in Amazon who shop Daily. But there are also some shopkeepers who couldn’t get any income from Amazon there in four promoters so that they can also sell their products on the Amazon platform. 40 ply who have a smartphone and cant send different types of messages in their contact list. No doubt Amazon is one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms but on the other hand those of people who are not getting any sales from Amazon they are looking for multiples who can help them to increase their sales.

Amazon job description

E product entry : The employee who has a computer or laptop can enter different types of products of the shopkeeper. As per, they didn’t have sufficient time to enter thousands of products in Amazon so they looked for a part time worker to enter their products in amazon. Employees will get rupees 5 per entry of products on Amazon. It means that if you enter 500 products in a day then employee can make 1000 in a day. Know more about the job you have to protect the job portal or you have to register yourself in the job portal so that you will get notification about the product entry job in Amazon.

SMS sending job in Amazon: Simple messages are used to send for personal purposes but if we are sending any information about product and services then the company will generate lead. If you describe briefly about the products of Amazon in your message and somehow customer contact for the products then you will get paid for your work. It is one of the easiest jobs and one can do it very easily.

Referral Job in Amazon: This is one of the easiest jobs and can be done with the help of a smartphone. You only have to send the products link to the different contact details present in your mobile. You can use a message or WhatsApp message to send the product link. If any customer will follow the link and buy some goats using your link then you will get a referral income of that product.


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Raj Raghuwanshi
3 months ago

Nice job

Raj Raghuwanshi
2 months ago

Nice to meet

Vasantha Rani
Vasantha Rani
2 months ago

I want to join this job. I am sharing my number for this post. kindly consider my resume

Ajay marafa
Ajay marafa
1 month ago

Msg job please help me for part time work form home

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