Alternative Recruitment Contest: Win bonuses and in-house entrepreneur qualifications, all based on your creativity

If you are at least 18 years old, creative, have leadership skills, have high emotional quotient/adversity quotient, etc., don’t hesitate to sign up

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Elevator Speech (Elevator Speech) generally refers to the limited time and occasions, such as elevators and toilets, to transform your thoughts into the key points and let the other party receive them. I believe many people are also familiar with this term, especially in fundraising. aspect. But if it is a cash prize plus the opportunity of a large company to lead a new project, will it be more attractive to you?

My World Development. recently launched an elevator briefing called “Entrepreneur Adventure Programme” to inject new elements into the entrepreneur recruitment competition, allowing participants to showcase their innovative business ideas and ideas in order to obtain rich prizes. Individuals or teams (up to 6 people) are welcome to register for this competition. According to the categories selected by the participants, briefings will be submitted at the venues online in two weekends. The winning team will receive cash in addition to In addition to the award, there are more opportunities to join the New World Group and become an internal entrepreneur of the group. Does it sound very attractive?

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